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Swank Memory Ambassadors Program
Are you worried about your memory? ChristianaCare Memory Ambassadors Can Help! 
ChristianaCare Memory Ambassadors are a team of trained clinician volunteers committed to helping you learn more about memory disorders — including Alzheimer’s disease — with a focus on enhancing brain health.   The Ambassadors in conjunction with  the Modern Maturity Center will be offering a virtual wellness fair via Zoom on Tuesday December 15, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. until noon, featuring Dr. James M. Ellison, MD, MPH, the Chair of the Swank Foundation for Memory Care and Geriatrics. 
  • Do you have trouble concentrating or focusing?
  • Are you misplacing things more often?
  • Do you have trouble recalling names or words in conversations?
  • Have you ever forgotten where you are going or gotten lost while driving?
  • Do you lose track of what you are saying in the middle of a sentence?
  • Have others told you that you repeat stories or questions?
ChristianaCare Memory Ambassadors offer free, confidential screenings and memory wellness education programs.  They will not make a diagnosis or offer a treatment but can help you find qualified resources for memory evaluation and treatment. We can also link you with needed medical care, social services, and community resources.
ChristianaCare Memory Ambassadors also have helpful tips to share to keep your brain as healthy as possible: a healthy brain diet, fall prevention,  exercise and mentally stimulating activities.
Please contact Member Services at 734-1200 ext. 167 or via email at member.services@modern-maturity .org to register.  ChristianaCare will contact you with the webinar link. 

The Longest Night or Blue Christmas Service - CANCELLED

The Longest Night or Blue Christmas Service - For those experiencing grief, loss or hardship, the Christmas season is far from the most wonderful time of the year.  The music and other holiday traditions associated with the Christmas season such as decorating, baking, holiday shopping and gathering with family and friends focus on the joy and cheer of the season which may be painful for those suffering the pain of loss and grief.  Loss comes in many forms, it may be the death of a loved one, the loss of a marriage or relationship, a job or a home.  Any loss that causes us pain and sorrow.   To assist people who may have difficulty coping with the season, the Modern Maturity Center is offering a Longest Night or Blue Christmas service on Monday December 21 at 1:00 p.m. and again in the evening at 6:00 p.m. in the East Conference Room of the Modern Maturity Center
The name the Longest Night is associated with these types of services because they are usually held on or close to December 21 which is the winter solstice.  We hope to offer a quiet, gentle place to gather and console one another through reflection, meditation and prayer.  The service is a way to acknowledge the birth of Christ without the joyful trappings of a typical Christmas service, which can be painful for those coping with loss.  The service allows one to acknowledge their sadness and recognize they are not alone in their sadness. We allow each participant to focus on their personal needs in an atmosphere of quiet mediation and contemplation. 
This is an ecumenical service and it is FREE and open to anyone in need of solace.   Please make your reservation with Member Services by calling 734-1200 ext. 167.  

Monthly Open Bereavement Support Group

Programs at MMC will resume after January 1, 2021.   Please check back later!   
Vitas offers a once a month, drop-in, support session. Drop in on the third Wednesday of the month from 1 to 2:30 p.m. in the Modern Maturity Center Activity Room #5 to talk to a trained bereavement specialist.  

Visually Impaired Support Group

 Programs at MMC will resume after January 1, 2021.  Please check back later! 
Darryl Garner leads this monthly visually impaired support group meeting. Come out to the center on the third Tuesday of each month from 11:15 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. in Activity Room #7. The meetings are free and no sign up is required.

Elder Law Program

Programs at MMC will resume after January 1, 2021.   Please check back later!   

The Elder Law Program comes on-site to MMC once a month. Schedule a one-on-one appointment to draft powers of attorney and advance healthcare directives (not living wills). Appointments can be made for the second Wednesday of the month between 10:15 a.m. and 3:15 p.m. Schedule a 45-minute appointment at Member Services by calling (302) 734-1200 ext. 167. Please note, all participants must be age 60 and over to qualify for this service.

MMC Singles Group

The Singles group is on summer vacation!  Please check back later. 
Are you lonely? The MMC Singles group is a great way for you to get active and stay social. They meet once a month, on the first Wednesday of each month, to plan their “foodie” events. Then they meet at various restaurants around town for lunch. Newcomers are welcome to join any of those activities (schedule is listed in each Bulletin). NEW this month is a special “meet and greet” for newcomers. If this is your 1st thru 4th time with the group you are welcome to come and meet the group coordinator, Pat, and greet other newcomers. Meetings are held on the second Wednesdays of each month in the West Conference Room from 1 to 3 p.m. Drop in or call Pat at (302) 943-3137. No registration required. 

Hearing Loss Support & Chat Group

 Programs at MMC will resume after January 1, 2021.  Please check back later!  
The Hearing Loss Association of Delaware (HLADE)conducts a support and chat group session on the second Thursday of the month from 10:00 am until noon in Activity Room #7.   HLADE offers information, education, support and assistance to anyone interested.  HLADE offers information, education, support and assistance to anyone interested in learning more about any aspect of hearing loss, coping skills, technology and more!  This is free and everyone is welcome to join us!  For further information,contact Linda Heller at hlade@comcast.net or (302) 388-9459 or go to the HLADE website at www.hlade.orgd in learning more about any aspect of hearing loss, coping skills, technology and more!   

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