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Our Member Services desk is open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. for your convenience. Stop by to fill out a membership application, sign up for classes, get information on programs and trips, buy tickets or gift certificates. One stop! Don't forget to ask for a tour - our hosts and hostesses are available daily to show you around.

Like all great accomplishments, the Center began with a vision.  In 1968 there wasn’t any such facility in Dover, but as the older population increased, a group of volunteers taking a class on aging saw the need for just such a gathering place.  On March 4th, 1969 the Modern Maturity Center was officially incorporated.

The center had its beginnings in a rented church at 18 Greenhill Avenue.  Less than two years later there was a need for a larger building, and in the fall of 1970 a house was purchased at 2 South Bradford Street.  Beginning with vision, a dedicated Board of Directors and an untiring staff began the task of transforming a small senior Center into what was to become the largest such facility in Delaware.

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We are not just a "senior center". The MMC campus provides active adults with access to all the resources they need to help them age in place. From our fitness center and pool to travel and volunteer opportunities to lifelong learning and employment training. Stop by and see for yourself! Our hostesses would be happy to give you a tour. Our Member Services Desk is open Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

General annual membership is $30 a year – renewable each September (pool and fitness center are not included). Lifetime Membership is $300. A completed Membership Application form is required on file for all members. Please Check under "Find Out More" "Forms" "Membership Application" You may mail in the Membership Application form or drop it off the next time you are at the Center.

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